Industry Leading HGV Safety Inspections


Industry Leading HGV Safety Inspections from Lloyd Morgan Group a leading independent transport compliance provider

All our inspections are accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and conform with the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness. Available nationwide our engineers are on hand to help prove that your vehicles are compliant, or fit for purpose, and that they are roadworthy.

Often referred to as HGV 6-weekly inspections, these inspections are a legal requirement, the terms of which will be set out during the application process to the Traffic Commissioners office.

HGV Inspections are required to take place on a regular basis.

guide to maintaining roadworthiness

The Benefits of Regular HGV Safety Inspections

  • Ensures compliance with the latest legislative requirements and your O Licence Undertakings
  • Reduces the risk of critical safety defects that could lead to accidents putting your drivers and other road users at risk
  • Cost savings on repairs if defects are not identified and rectified quickly through regular inspections
  • Avoids vehicle downtime or vehicles being prohibited and drivers receiving graduated fixed penalties
  • Improves your operator compliance risk score (OCRS)

Why choose Lloyd Morgan Group?

Flexible Approach

All our inspections can be tailored to meet our individual customers’ needs and requirements. This flexibility allows us to work with you and your business to find a solution that works for you.

Customer First

We work with you to fit the inspections around your business requirements, helping to ensure the minimum disruption to the day to day running of your transport operation.

Help and Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service and always being on hand to help and support your vehicle safety inspection regime to ensure you stay compliant and your vehicles stay roadworthy.


At Lloyd Morgan Group we are dedicated to helping you reduce potential vehicle defects through our thorough inspections and unbiased reports.

When you book a safety inspection with us, you are essentially booking your vehicles in for a preventive maintenance check- keeping an eye on the condition of the vehicle and spotting small defects before they become larger and often more costly problems.

We cover all aspects of the vehicle from steering to suspension, brakes to bearing, mirrors, seatbelts, the windscreen, tyres, emissions, lights etc. The inspection is designed to ensure that at any time a vehicle could pass its MOT.

We also provide PSV Safety Inspections.

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