PCV Interim Management

PCV Interim Management

“Immediate hands-on resolution of business problems by highly experienced managerial staff, hired on a short-term basis”.

Typical short term problems faced by organisations

• The loss of a key individual
• Winning a major project is putting a strain on management resources
• Industry ‘best practice’ needs to be introduced to the organisation’s systems
• Managing change.
• A skills gap within the organisation

The benefits of employing Lloyd Morgan Group’s Interim Managers.

• Immediate start up – the legislation and time involved employing an individual is avoided.
• A fresh, unbiased, outlook is injected into the company
• There is a transfer of knowledge and experience throughout existing staff
• Our interim managers are set completion criteria, this ensures they take full ownership of the responsibility bestowed upon them by the organisation
• Clear assignment monitoring – the employer gets regular feedback reports, and on-target measures of business performance and project management.

The Lloyd Morgan Group Interim Management Team has in-depth experience within the PCV/HGV fleet transport sector. This service is used by some of Europe’s Largest Vehicle Operators