Tachograph Analysis Software

Here at Lloyd Morgan Group, we are proud to offer a complete tachograph analysis service – an all-in-one solution covering all aspects of driver and vehicle management.

Helping You to Be/Stay Compliant

It is vital that you are compliant with both EU and UK government legislation!

Our tachograph analysis services enable you to safeguard your operator license and stay compliant with these laws no matter how big your fleet is.  They make it possible for you to monitor performance and comply with legal requirements so that you can keep your drivers on the road, all in one place.


Our tachograph analysis boasts many special features including but not limited to an easy-to-use driver app which enables drivers to view their availability to work as well as any tachograph information and infringements, a fully comprehensive dashboard to assist drivers in completing daily checks to ensure they are complying to the law and a depot and driver calendar so that you can see all of your drivers driving records in one easy-to-view location.

This system is designed to enable drivers to be managed more easily and efficiently online and could greatly improve the efficiency of your business.

Full Integration with our other Software Solutions packages

This software is an authorised software for Earned Recognition Operators or those whishing to apply.

We have a range of Tachograph Products from Tachograph Rolls to Digital Downloading Devices, in stock and available at competitive prices via our Online Shop

Expert Support

In addition to this anyone using our tachograph analysis system receives full support from our expert team.

Here at Lloyd Morgan Group we are one of the largest Independent Transport Compliance Service Providers in the UK and are therefore able to fully support our clients with every single aspect of tachograph analysis to the highest standard.

If you would like to learn more about our services or have any questions, we are only a phone call away, and you can call us on 01543 897 505.

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