Driver Pre Use “Gate Checks”

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Lloyd Morgan Group are a leading provider of Driver Pre Use “Gate Checks” to the road transport (HGV) and passenger transport (PSV) industries. Drivers must conduct a daily walk around check of their vehicles in accordance with the DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness to ensure compliance and operators are required to continually review the performance of these driver walk around checks. These ‘Gate Checks’ will aid you in identifying any potential issues regarding your drivers walk around checks.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) estimates that 85% of roadside fines for infringements could be avoided if the driver had performed a walk around check before beginning a journey.


  • Evidence that you are complying with your O Licence regulations and the DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness
  • Peace of mind that your drivers are carrying out effective and thorough daily walk around checks of their vehicles
  • Confidence that your vehicles are going out in a safe, legal, and compliant condition
  • An opportunity to rectify any issues before a potential visit by DVSA
  • Reduces roadside fines for infringements

Driver Pre Use “Gate Checks”

Who is it aimed at?

All operators who want to assess the compliance and efficiency of their Driver Walk Around Checks.


Lloyd Morgan Group auditors will stop drivers leaving site to simulate a visit by DVSA. They will check the daily walkaround check sheet of the vehicle completed by the driver that day and then do a physical walk around check of the vehicle themselves.

Checks can be carried out on outbound and or inbound vehicles

A summary report is produced for each site for all vehicles and trailers checked which will help you to identify potential training needs and areas of exposure.


Audits are carried out on your own premises


Will depend on the size of the depo and the number of vehicles to be checked

Why Choose Lloyd Morgan Group for your Driver Pre Use “Gate Checks”

Unbiased experts

Our auditors have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to provide you with an unbiased and comprehensive review of your drivers walk around checks process.


Our flexibility means that you can ensure our audits fit around you and your business needs and we promise to cause as little disruption as we can to your daily operation when on site!

First Class Reports

Our auditors pride themselves on providing a comprehensive and easy to read report on completion of the audit. They will also be on hand to discuss the report if required and provide recommendations.

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