Drivers Hours & Tachograph Operation


Lloyd Morgan Group’s Drivers Hours & Tachograph Operation course is designed for drivers and provides training on every aspect of analogue and digital tachographs. It informs drivers of their responsibility in ensuring tachographs are managed correctly and will examine the legal framework and practicalities of drivers’ hours and records legislation in respect of EU Rules, Domestics Rules and Working Time Directive (WTD) rules.

The course can be delivered to drivers in the road transport (HGV) and passenger transport (PSV) industries.


  • Drivers fully understand the legislation and how to apply it to ensure compliance
  • Educates drivers on the complexities and nuances that drivers’ hours rules create
  • Limits the misuse of the drivers’ hours rules that could impact on an operator’s licence risk score (OCRS)
  • Reduces the risk of a public enquiry for serious drivers’ hours infringements

Drivers Hours & Tachograph Operation

Who is it aimed at?

All HGV and PSV drivers who are new to driving or require a refresher on the Drivers’ Hours Rules and Tachograph Operation.


Drivers’ Hours

Training is provided on every aspect of analogue and digital tachographs, drivers’ hours compliance, break requirements, daily, weekly, and fortnightly driving limits and rest periods.

Tachograph Operation

Training is provided to help drivers to easily recognise infringements and to help them manage potential problems when they are asked to interrogate drivers’ hours records, especially if incorrect data is produced. The course informs drivers of their responsibilities in ensuring that tachographs are managed correctly and where it is suitable to carry out manual entries.

It will highlight the complexities and nuances that the drivers’ hours rules create particularly the relationship between the rules (EU or Domestics) and parallel working time regulations.


Courses are carried out either on your own premises or online


The course is 1 day

A certificate of attendance is issued following course completion, which proves evidence that attendees have taken positive steps to demonstrate their professionalism and continued development

Why Choose Lloyd Morgan for Drivers’ Hours & Tachograph Operation training

Experienced Trainers

All our team of trainers are fully competent in drivers’ hours rules and have years of working within the industry. The provide first class training drawn on by real life experience.


Our courses are flexible and designed to work around you and your business requirements. We will work with you to ensure you are getting the right training you need for your drivers.

Reduce driver Infringements

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Drivers’ Hours Rules to help drivers and operators avoid driver hours infringements that impact on your O Licence.

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