Drivers Hours & Tachograph Operation

This course examines the legal framework and practicalities of drivers hours and records legislation, in respect of EU Rules, Domestic Rules and WTD Rules; working with digital, analogue and manual entries.

Explaining the daily, weekly and fortnightly driving limits and rest periods.

Although many operations now utilise sophisticated tachograph analysis software,  operators need to be aware of their responsibilities for managing these systems and have the ability to easily recognise infringements on them when required.

Problems can arise when drivers are asked to interrogate these records or when spurious or incorrect data is produced, this course informs drivers of their responsibilities in ensuring that tachographs are managed correctly and where it is suitable to carry out manual entries.

This course highlights the complexities and nuances that the drivers hours rules create particularly the relationship between the rules (EU or Domestic) and parallel ‘working time regulations’