Vehicle Inspection Services

Lloyd Morgan Group’s Vehicle Inspection Services provide the road transport (HGV) and passenger transport (PSV) industry with one of the most respected and trusted vehicle inspection services across a wide range of vehicle types. Our inspections are certified by the British Assessment Bureau which is a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification body and are available nationwide.

Stay Compliant

Under Operator Licensing Regulations the vehicle operator is responsible for vehicles being maintained in a safe, legal, and roadworthy condition at all times. Regardless of any maintenance contract that may be held, it is the operator who is responsible for maintaining vehicle roadworthiness and their O Licence at risk.

Vehicle Inspection Services include:

All our inspections can be tailored to meet our individual customers’ needs and requirements. We work with our customers to provide a solution that works with them. From a general roadworthiness inspection to vehicle inspections that cover vehicle systems and safety audits, across all commercial vehicle types.

All our inspections conform with the ‘Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness’

Our Inspections Services can be used for

  • Vehicle Safety Inspections (also referred to as Roadworthiness Inspections)
  • Campaign Inspections for specific vehicle types with known defects
  • OCRS Inspections
  • 3rd Party External Audits (Subcontractors)
  • Rail Support Contracts Inspections
  • School Transport Checks (own & subcontracted service vehicles)
  • End of Lease / Off Hire Inspections
  • Pre /Post Accident Repair Inspections
  • Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI)
  • Driver Daily Walk Around Checks – “Gate Checks”

Types of vehicles that can be inspected

Heavy vehicles (trucks and trailers)

Passenger carrying vehicles (buses, coaches, and minibuses)

Light commercial vehicles (cars and vans)

Benefits of Regular Vehicle Inspections

  • Ensure compliance with the latest legislative requirements and your O Licence undertakings
  • Reduce the risk of critical safety defects that could lead to accidents putting your drivers and other road users at risk not to mention your reputation.
  • Cost savings on repairs if defects are not identified and rectified quickly through regular inspections
  • Avoid vehicle downtime or vehicles being prohibited and drivers receiving graduated fixed penalties
  • Improve your operator compliance risk score (OCRS)
Driver vehicle check

Why Choose Lloyd Morgan Group for your Vehicle Inspections

Cost Savings

Increase first-time MOT pass rates, reducing vehicle downtime with our highly qualified inspectors

Unbiased Reports delivered by Engineering Experts

Quality, easy to read and unbiased reports on vehicles and their components are provided promptly following all inspections. Our engineers have a wealth of HGV and PSV industry knowledge which comes from years of working in the engineering, vehicle maintenance, standards, and audits field.

Excellent Customer Service

We will work with you to get an inspection that fits with your business and vehicle type requirements and needs. Our ability to adapt and be flexible is what we pride ourselves on. Our experienced and independent inspectors will provide not only a comprehensive inspection and report but are also on hand to help and advise you.

Reduction in vehicle downtime

Regular and thorough inspections delivered by industry experts help reduce potential vehicle defects and hence vehicle downtime. Lloyd Morgan Group’s inspections will ensure that any issues are identified helping improve the condition and roadworthiness of your vehicles.


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