The Driver Handbook

Electronic Handbook

The Driver Handbook is a revolutionary and sustainable electronic solution to effectively, efficiently and easily communicate with staff, saving you time and money.

The Driver Handbook has powered up the traditional staff handbook through developing a mobile app plus web-based content management system, putting a digital handbook in every staff’s pocket!


  • Puts you in control and connects you directly with staff at any time, anywhere
  • Go paperless and help managers save time 
  • Reduce risks be seeing if staff have received the communication, if they accessed it and how long for 
  • Send bulk communications or individual notifications quickly and easily to staff devices and check who’s seen them and actioned them, no matter when or where
  • No more updating and printing handbooks and patchy audit trails, everything’s securely stored online
  • Helps fulfil legal obligations, employer responsibility and duty of care around driving for work. 




Access to an extensive, trusted library of content to share with drivers including multiple handbook types, toolbox talks, policies and much more.



For drivers and managers alike – proof of what’s been read, agreed to and acknowledged. Ensuring knowledge is relevant, accurate and up-to-date. Helps fulfil legal obligations around driving for work.



Quickly send information and updates to drivers’ devices with unlimited push notifications.



Helps fulfil legal obligations, employer responsibilities and duty of care around driving for work.



Content and functionality fully aligned to Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) requirements – ideal for FORS members or those working towards FORS accreditation.



Quickly and effectively distribute handbooks, amendments, updates and other essential operational information direct to all of your drivers.

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