Driver Licence Checks Software

Our software allows your organisation to actively manage driving licence eligibility so that driver risk can be reduced and road safety can be improved. This is an essential process within all organisations with employees that drive on work related business.

Helping You to Be/Stay Compliant

Compliance with EU and UK government legislation is vital for all transport operators regardless of their fleet size. This system allows you to manage the complete driver consent process, using e-consent, which is valid for three years to ensure data protection compliance.

It makes it easy to monitor the performance of drivers whilst complying with all legal requirements and most importantly keeping your drivers safe on the roads.


 Our licence checking software solutions give you all the tools that you need to easily manage driving compliance in an automated and streamlined manner. It greatly minimizes your own company risk when it comes to driving compliance whilst giving you a safe and secure environment to store your sensitive data.


This system can be used to verify drivers, providing license checks to ensure that drivers have the correct entitlement and eligibility to drive their vehicles. It uses live DVLA data to ensure that it is accurate and that no mistakes are made.

This can help companies to improve efficiency and can even allow automated scheduling of driving license rechecks without the need for human intervention.

The system identifies risks during these checks and identifies high risk drivers which for example hold penalty points or driving convictions.

Full Integration with our other Software Solutions packages

This software is an authorised software for Earned Recognition Operators or those wishing to apply.

Expert Support

In addition to this anyone using our system receives full support from our expert team. Here at Lloyd Morgan Group we are one of the largest Independent Transport Compliance Service Providers in the UK and are therefore able to fully support our clients.

If you would like to learn more about our services or have any questions, we are only a phone call away, and you can call us on 01543 897 505.

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