Operator Licence Application

operator license applications

Need to apply for a new Operator’s Licence or make changes to an existing one? Lloyd Morgan Group can help you through the Operator Licence Applications process easily and help you stay on the right side of the Traffic Commissioner, DVSA and Regulation and help you avoid the common pitfalls, which can cause delays in the application process.

All operators (with some exceptions) require an Operator’s Licence to be able to operate large goods and passenger carrying vehicles. You will need to make an application for any new Operator’s Licence as well as an application if you are making changes to an existing licence.

What information to you need to supply for a Operator Licence Application?

Information includes full details of your business and its directors, the operating centres and maintenance provider details. You also must provide full details on the businesses financial standing to prove you have the required funds available to operate and maintain the vehicles. Depending on the type of licence you may also be required to complete an application for a Transport Manager.