Commercial Vehicle Fire Investigation Services

With ever increasing commercial vehicle fires in the UK each year, the stress and financial costs to fleet operators is an ever-growing problem. Our Commercial Vehicle Fire Investigation Service for both heavy goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles can help identify the cause.

In many cases, the point of origin and cause of the fire can be determined helping prevent future fires, disruption and even in some cases possible financial recovery.

Lloyd Morgan Groups role as fire investigators would be to examine the damaged vehicle, and independently establish the origin and cause of the fire. Helping you understand if this has the potential to be an issue across your fleet.

The process of examining a vehicle fire is a detailed process that requires the attention of a trained specialist fire investigator.

Commercial Vehicle Fire Investigation Service – the process

In summary, we typically follow the following steps:

  • Interview the vehicle operator/driver (where appropriate).
  • Conduct a detailed examination of the vehicle.
  • Document and photograph all relevant aspects of the investigation.
  • Cross-check the nature of the damage in relation to known manufacturer or component faults.(where possible)
  • Check with DVSA for any outstanding vehicle recalls in respect of a risk of fire.
  • Submit a concise but detailed report with a clear summary of our conclusions

We have vast experience of dealing with fires in both PSV and HGV vehicles.