IRTEC Inspection Technician

IRTEC is the Industry Standard for HGV and PSV technicians. To undertake an IRTEC Inspection Technician course there is a minimum entry requirement of 3 years industry experience OR a Level 3 S/NVQ (or equivalent qualification) plus at least one years’ experience in a relevant industry environment.


IRTEC is a voluntary scheme developed to raise standards and encourage industry self-regulation in road transport maintenance and is recognised by the Traffic Commissioners of the UK. IRTEC is managed by the IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) and delivered through accredited centres of which Lloyd Morgan Group is one.

As a result of obtaining an IRTEC licence, technicians demonstrate a greater level of commitment to maintaining high standards within a company because of higher levels of professionalism and expertise.

An IRTEC accreditation benefits both the company because of improved vehicle safety standards and the individual technician by demonstrating a committment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

As an additional benefit, IRTEC licence holders are eligble to apply for a FREE Halfords Trade Card which provides discounts on products and services.

IRTEC Inspection Technician Accreditation

Who Should Attend:

HGV and PSV technicians with a minimum of 3 years industry experience of a Level 3 S/NVQ plus at least one year’s experience in a relevant industry environment. The technician must be able to work unsupervised and ideally be in full time employment to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques associated with vehicle inspection.

Categories Covered:

Bus and Coach

Large Commercial Vehicles (7.5+ tonnes)

Heavy Vehicle Trailer

Light Commercial Vehicles (3.5 – 7.5 tonnes)


The candidate will need to demonstrate the correct inspection methods and use the appropriate equipment and information when making judgements on the serviceability of vehicle systems and components.

To achieve an IRTEC licence, a technician must first pass an Under Pinning Knowledge (theory) Test which consists of 50 questions at an IMI approved assessment centre. 35 questions will be of a technical content whilst 15 questions will be legislation related.

Once the Under Pinning Knowledge Test has been completed you have 12 months in which to successfully complete all the practice assessments.

Practical Assessments (Inspection of Vehicles) are carried out in the workplace (under controlled conditions) by an IRTEC-approved assessor. Vehicle technicians are tested on their practice skills and theoretical knowledge and, if successful, are awarded an IRTEC licence.

Once accredited, IRTEC technicians agree to abide by the IRTEC code of conduct, receive a licence card, certificate and as a result are placed on the IRTEC technicians register.


Under Pinning Knowledge Test – 1 hour

Practical Assessment – Between 1 hour and 2 hours, depending on the category and candidates’ capabilities


Both the Under Pinning Knowledge Tests and the Practical Assessments are completed at the technician’s place of work. This means that the candidate is assessed in their own surroundings using their own tools and familiar vehicles. 

Our trainers will usually come out to your premises for a day and can train up to 6 candidates per day.

Why use Lloyd Morgan Group for IRTEC Inspection Technician Accreditation?

Industry Recognised Qualification

Recognised centre for the IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) and are approved to offer IRTEC awards. Technicians assessed through a Quality Assurance of a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation.

Flexible Delivery to Suit You

Accreditations can be completed on site for your convenience. Or via one of our IRTEC approved centres nationwide.

Improved Vehicle Safety

Technicians that acquire the accreditation have demonstrated a high level of competence in maintaining vehicles and showed a commitment to an ethical code of conduct.

Excellent Service

Highly skilled trainers with a wealth of experience who have acquired their IRTEC accreditations themselves.

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