Coded Welding Training Course Qualifications


Lloyd Morgan Group’s Coded Welding training courses and industry recognised welder qualifications certifies an individual’s capability to perform a particular welding method by testing the ability to demonstrate the chosen method correctly.


  • Industry recognised qualification in coded welding to demonstrate the appropriate skills required to undertake welding and avoid work being rejected.
  • Ensure your staff have the exact welding skills required for your business needs
  • UKAS Accredited Laboratory Reports and SAFED Weld Certificates
  • Identifies any weaknesses in the candidate’s technique and offers a hands-on-practical correction

Coded Welder Qualifications We Offer

  • PWPS (Preliminary Welding Procedure Specifications)
  • WPS (Weld Procedure Specification)
  • WPQR (Weld Procedure Quality Record)
  • RWC (Responsible Welding Co-Ordinator) BS EN ISO 14731

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone who is required to hold a qualification to carry out welding. All levels of experience are catered for from beginner training to advanced levels.


We offer a comprehensive, fast, and efficient welder qualification service, which is fully approved.

Weld tests are invigilated at your premises enabling your welders to feel comfortable in familiar surroundings and confident with using familiar equipment.

Our Coded Welder Training is specifically designed to suit each individual’s requirements, ensuring that the individual develops the skills in order to carry out welding tasks competently and to test standard. We aim to provide businesses with the exact training that they require and so courses can be altered to suit business needs.

Your welder qualification acquired at your coded welding test centre, will be maintained on our data base and you will be notified of the renewal date as it arises. We will not let you fall out of the qualification umbrella which may result in work being rejected.

Standards include:

  • BS 4872 Parts 1 & 2
  • BS EN 287-1:2011
  • BS EN ISO 15614:2004
  • CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)
  • BS EN 9606-1:2013
  • BS EN ISO 9606-2:2004
  • BS EN 13133:2000 & BS EN 13134:2000
  • BS 1140:1993 (Spot Welding)
  • BS EN 1090
  • BCGA CP Oxy-Fuel Gas Hazard Awareness Certification
  • BS EN 3834
  • EEMUA 158
  • Third Party Witnessing available on request
  • National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS)

If your standard is not listed, please enquire.


The training is carried out on your own premises at a time to suit you and your business needs.


Variable durations bespoke to training required and current skill level of the candidate, please contact us to find out more.

A SAFED weld certificate is issued following course completion, which proves evidence that attendees have taken positive steps to demonstrate their professionalism and continued development

Why choose Lloyd Morgan Group for your Coded Welding training and qualification

Experience trainers

All our trainers have obtained their welding qualifications and can share their skills to ensure candidates get a first-class training experience.

Fully accredited

Our Coded Welding Qualifications are fully accredited by one of the leading Regulatory Bodies providing peace of mind in the quality of the training. UKAS Accredited Laboratory Reports and SAFED Weld Certificates.


We can carry out the training on site providing candidates with the security of a familiar environment and equipment at a time to suit you and your business requirements.

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