Maintenance System Compliance audit.

Why undertake a compliance system audit?

You may consider yourself to be on top of your game but until your systems are pressure checked (i.e a DVSA Audit) you never truly know.

Whether you operate 1 vehicle or 15000 vehicle maintenance system compliance is essential.

Our unbiased audit team can review your current engineering operational systems / procedures and highlight the areas where you have potential liabilities or exposure.

Our maintenance system audit template is based upon legal requirements and good practice allowing you to review and assess areas that you may wish to address within your maintenance operation.

We do also complete audits using your audit templates allowing you uniformity with your reports and result feedback.

Paperwork Audits.

Paperwork audits complement the maintenance system audit allowing an in-depth review of the actual maintenance paperwork such as PMI inspections (Vehicle Inspection) sheets and Driver Defect reporting paperwork.

The review is based upon a large sample of the aforementioned paperwork interrogation defect audit trails to ensure that defects are not being lost, mishandled or incorrectly categorised.