Compliance Audits

Lloyd Morgan Group’s audits provide your operation with an impartial review and assessment from leading industry experts. We are certified to an UKAS ISO9001 quality management system standard and are an authorised DVSA Earned Recognition audit provider. Lloyd Morgan Group’s audits provide you with peace of mind that your transport operation remains safe, legal, and compliant.

We provide compliance audits for the road transport (HGV) and passenger transport (PSV) industries. Whatever the size of your operation or whether you are new or experienced in the industry, we are here to help protect your O Licence and your reputation.

Why have a compliance audit?

You may consider that your transport operation is fully compliant but until it is ‘pressure checked’ you never truly know.

An independent audit can identify any potential risks or issues before a potential DVSA Audit of your operation, providing you with peace of mind that you will have no liabilities or exposures and will withstand DVSA and Traffic Commissioner checks.

It is recommended in the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, that continuous reviewing and monitoring of your systems should be in place and one of these ‘Best Practice’ methods is to use a technically competent third party of which Lloyd Morgan Group complies too.

Compliance Audits include

Why Choose Lloyd Morgan Group for Compliance Audits?

Unbiased Audit Team

Our unbiased audit team will review your current systems, processes and procedures and highlight the areas where you may have potential weaknesses, liabilities, or exposure. Our team are all fully qualified and have years of experience within the industry.

Greater efficiency

Our audits can identify opportunities for greater efficiency within your transport operation through the identification of any non-compliance.

Accredited and approved

Lloyd Morgan Group are a UKAS ISO9001 certified organisation and are a recognised DVSA Earned Recognition audit provider, providing you with the confidence that our audits are based on industry standards, legal requirements, and best practice.


Whether you use our industry standard templates or would like us to use your audit templates, allowing you uniformity with your reports we can offer both. Our flexibility also allows us to deliver our comprehensive and thorough audits at a time that suits your business requirements.

If you have a bespoke audit requirement, we are happy to discuss this with you.

Comprehensive Reports

Our auditors will provide a comprehensive and easy to read report at the end of each audit and will always be on hand to talk you through the reports, offering advice and help.

Here is what our customers say

” Excellent service as always received from our auditors, very knowledgeable staff that fully understand engineering/compliance. Any issues always discussed during and at the end of each audit with the auditor from Lloyd Morgan. Customer service I cannot fault.”
Harold Rose – August 2021

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