Earned Recognition Scheme

DVSA earned recognition

The DVSA earned recognition scheme is designed to work for HGV and PSV operators of all sizes and is a new way for operators to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards.

By having electronic systems in place to record vehicle maintenance as well as drivers’ hours activities, operators will be able to make sure they’re meeting the required standards for the scheme.

In return, operators who are on the DVSA earned recognition scheme will be significantly less likely to be checked by DVSA at the roadside, saving them time and money.

This will allow DVSA to target more of its enforcement activities at the high-risk traffic who put other road users in danger.

What’s changing

Since 1 February 2018, operators who participated in the pilot have received some early benefits and had their operator compliance risk score updated (OCRS) to earned recognition status. This means they are significantly less likely to be stopped by DVSA.

With the launch of earned recognition, operators currently on the scheme and those who join later will get the full benefits. These include:

  • use of the DVSA earned recognition marque to use on their websites and other publicity materials
  • being recognised as a DVSA approved operator through a published list on GOV.UK
  • being able to prove they are exemplary operators when bidding for contracts
  • DVSA enforcement staff being much less likely to stop their vehicles at the roadside
  • DVSA enforcement staff being much less likely to visit their premises
  • having direct access to a dedicated earned-recognition team in DVSA

The pilot

The earned recognition pilot ran from April 2017 and allowed DVSA to test and refine the earned recognition concept. This included:

  • the application process for operators, IT system suppliers and audit providers,
  • making sure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and audit standards are fit for purpose
  • authorising audit providers to carry out the initial and periodic audits
  • validating IT systems
  • fine-tuning processes and documentation
  • testing ER status and process for OCRS in a live environment
  • gathering valuable feedback so we can make further adjustments

The DVSA published the list of operators on the pilot on 31 January 2018.

Working with operators, not against them

DVSA Enforcement Policy Manager Dave Wood said,

Earned recognition marks a shift in approach from DVSA.

It’s about rewarding operators who are serious about road safety and having a relationship where we work with them.

By doing that, we can free up time and resources to focus on the dangerous drivers and vehicles that put other road users at risk.

Joining DVSA earned recognition

From today, commercial vehicle operators can apply to join the earned recognition scheme. For more information and to get an application form, visit GOV.UK

As part of the application process, operators must have an audit conducted by a DVSA approved audit provider. The operator must nominate a DVSA approved audit provider on their application form. A list of these providers will be sent with the application form.

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