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What is the Earned Recognition pilot?
The DVSA is exploring the introduction of an Earned Recognition scheme. Before a final decision is
made on the viability of such a scheme, it must be piloted to test the concept, the policies and
processes that will support such a scheme. Operators wishing to be considered for the pilot phase
should note that it is a voluntary scheme for holders of an HGV or PSV operator’s licence who can
demonstrate a strong track record of compliance and adherence to standards. Operators must be
able to show that they have robust systems and processes that promote effective and proactive
transport management. Operators, who successfully meet the standards of the pilot phase, will
become accredited operators if the scheme is approved and launched.

  • Overview of attaining Earned Recognition pilot status
    A basic overview of the steps involved in the application process is shown below:
    Operators must meet the eligibility criteria set out in Section 1.4
    · It is recommended that operators read this guidance document and the audit standards
    documents to ensure they understand the requirements of their operation in order to achieve
    pilot status
    · An application form will need to be completed and DVSA will then carry out an application
    o If successful, the operator will be advised that they may proceed to the audit stage.
    o If the application is rejected, the operator will be advised
    · The approved auditor will send the completed audit to DVSA who will advise the operator
    whether or not they have attained Earned Recognition pilot status
    · If the standards detailed in the audit are met, the operator will be granted pilot status and
    receive a unique identification number.
    · If the standards are not met, DVSA will advise the operator.

The Earned Recognition pilot phase is open to all GB operator licence holders who meet the following
· The operator must have held an operator’s licence for a minimum of 2 years before an
application to join the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme can be made
· The Operator must have an electronic management system for maintenance and fully
electronic management system for drivers’ hours that will alert the operator and DVSA of
compliance issues
· Able to meet the Scheme standards with no regulatory action by a Traffic Commissioner for
at least 2 years other than warnings
· A legal entity controlling multiple operator licences can only be considered for accreditation
on the business as a whole and not on individual licences. Operators that hold multiple
licences must report the data for all the operator licences that are in their control


Advice to Operators
Before an application is made, it is recommended that the operator carefully reads the standards
document that applies to their operation and any other supporting guidance documentation. A self
assessment checklist has been produced and can be found at Annex 3.

In preparation for the audit, the operator should ensure that all required evidence is readily
available. Failure to comply may result in either a delay in acceptance or an unsatisfactory audit. At
the discretion of the auditor, extra time may be given, subject to the time limits stated in section 4.4
of this Guidance Document, to produce the required supporting evidence, this should be detailed
on the audit document.

The operator should ensure that the Transport Manager or responsible person is available on the
day of the audit. If these are not present, then the operator must provide a member of staff with a
suitable level of seniority and managerial control who is able to access any required documentation, answer any questions from the auditor and sign the completed audit document.

It is the operator’s responsibility to demonstrate that the systems they have in place satisfy the
required standards and to comply with any reasonable request relating to the audit process made
by the approved audit provider.

How do I apply for Earned Recognition Pilot Status?
Before registering for the pilot, operators should ensure that they meet all of the eligibility criteria
listed in section 1.4 of the Guidance Document for Pilot, the audit standards required as set out in
the HGV and PSV Audit Standards documents and have successfully completed the self assessment

Registering for the pilot
Registering to apply will not guarantee that an operator is selected for the pilot. The pilot will need to include a cross section from the HGV and PSV industry both large and smaller organisations
therefore selection will be at the discretion of the DVSA.

How do I register to apply?
Provided you meet the eligibility criteria and audit standards and have successfully completed the
self assessment form, then you may apply for the pilot.

  2. In the subject line enter ‘Register for Pilot’
  3.  In the body of the email state:
    – Operator name
    – All operator licence numbers included in the entity
    – Contact name and position within the organisation
    If you are accepted, you will be sent an application form to complete. The application must relate to all operator licences that are held under your name or the name of your company or controlling company. The application form should be completed in full.

It is a requirement of the Earned Recognition pilot scheme that an operator must have an electronic maintenance reporting system and a fully electronic management system for drivers’ hours including GB domestic regulations that are capable of reporting the published key performance indicators.
On application, an operator must provide the previous 3 months’ KPI data in an electronic format.
In order to allow DVSA to carry out an initial validation check, the operator must provide 3 months drivers’ hours raw data, from both driver cards and vehicle units, for all the vehicles used on all operator licences included in the application. This may include digital or analogue records.

As part of the application process, operators must have an audit conducted by a DVSA approved audit provider. The operator must nominate a DVSA approved audit provider on their application form. A list of these providers will be sent with the application form.

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