Driving Licence Checks Made Easy and Affordable.


lmglicence is the solution to effectively managing your driver licence checks from fleet car users through to PCV / HGV operators, if you have a driving licence we can “check it”.

Once again, we are offering a pay as you go solution. So whether it is one licence checked twice yearly or 1000 checked per monthly – we have the easy, reliable & cost effective solution is for you.

Visually checking a driving licence provides evidence at the point of check and is excessively time consuming and unreliable as copy licences are in circulation. However, our system interrogates the licence at the DVLA and informs you of the licence holders current status with the DVLA, such as address changes, points, category expiry to name a few.

lmglicence is not to be confused with the DVLA’s current provision, where licence information is hard copied to you for you to do the admin. lmglicence does the admin for you, you just have to look at the results and take the action required.

lmglicence is a pay as you go solution, you pay for what you have checked. There are no hidden charges.


Instant Check Is Here!

We now also offer “Instant” checks that can be completed immediately for new starters or agency staff. This system is ideal for those days when driver shortages are crippling your operation and sourcing drivers to cover your requirements.  Instant Check will allow you to make the right and up to date decision immediately allowing your operation to be confident that its liability is being managed in regards to driver licence infringements

lmglicence is fully compatible with our tachograph analysis system or can be used independently.

Can you afford not to be up to date with the liability of staff driver licence infringements.

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