What sets us apart as a company is how easy we make it to do business with us

To make a company easy to deal with, you need flexible and quality services that support your transport needs and business requirements, while eliminating the need to deal with multiple contacts or layers of bureaucracy

That’s just what we do, we make it easy to do business with

At Lloyd Morgan Group we understand that customers want, need, and expect excellent customer service. We recognise that as a busy transport operator, you are looking for transport compliance partner that are easy to deal with, that can handle enquires quickly and effectively, are easy to get hold of and are always on hand to offer advice and help.

From Vehicle Inspections and Compliance Audits to Transport Training and Driver and Fleet Software we are a company that can offer you the customer service that you expect and deserve.

Why we are easy to do business with

  • Flexible. We are not governed by systems and procedures that restrict what and when we can deliver services. Our flexibility means we fit around you and your business. We do not tell you when we can deliver a service, we ask you when you would like us to deliver a service.
  • Reliable. When we say we will do something, we will and quickly. We do not promise to get back to you or pass you around various departments, we deal with your enquiry there and then.
  • Customer focused & friendly. We don’t believe in making you deal with multiple contacts, we do believe in having a single point of contact for all your needs. Whatever your enquiry our customer focused, and friendly staff will always be on hand to help.
  • We care. You’re not a customer you’re a partner and we care that we deliver great services, that suit your needs and deliver results.

If you are looking for a transport compliance partner who is easy to deal with then please contact us and you will see first-hand just how easy we are to deal with!

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