We Have Planted Five Trees!

Lloyd Morgan Group is proud to be working with suppliers who offer planting of trees rather than rewards

Planting trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking carbon out of the atmosphere to help tackle the climate crisis, according to scientists. 

One of our suppliers rewards their customers by planting trees and we are delighted that five trees have been planted on behalf of Lloyd Morgan Group. 

The more trees we plant, the more we help.

Trees not only help reduce CO2 emissions but they also provide co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation and biodiversity.

Lloyd Morgan Group will be working with other suppliers who are sustainable companies in order that we can not only lower our carbon footprint but help the climate crisis by planting more trees.


A single tree can absorb as much as 22kg of carbon each year, and it can lock away 1 Tonne of the stuff by the time it reaches the age of 40.

Trees are vital for the health of our planet – Let’s all play our part