Validate the competence of your technicians

irtec accreditations allow businesses to show case that their technicians have been certified to the highest industry standards, demonstrating the professionalism and expertise of your technicians in maintaining vehicle safety standards.

irtec is an independent accreditation and validates the competence of technicians working to maintain the commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying industries. An irtec licence is valid for 5 years and tests both the knowledge and practical level of an individual.

irtec is recognised as the industry benchmark of skills and knowledge.

Although the irtec licence is for the individual, businesses gain too by ensuring that all their technicians are accredited to the scheme.

Benefits of irtec accreditation to the employer

  • Demonstrates your commitment to technical excellence
  • Improves vehicle safety standards
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Identifies any training needs

Lloyd Morgan Group are one of the leading providers of irtec accreditations in the UK and we are an approved centre for the IMI (institute of the Motor Industry) to deliver irtec awards.

We can provide

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Service Maintenance Technician

Advanced Technician

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