Further to reported problems around driver Tachograph cards please note the following advice from the lead agency.


“DVLA is aware that some drivers are reporting difficulties with certain digital driver tachocards. We are urgently investigating the problem and in the meantime, DVLA is issuing the following advice to drivers:

If your card is faulty you will need to return it with a completed application form D777B to DVLA who will issue a new card. You will need to apply within seven calendar days for a replacement. Application forms are downloadable from the Business Link website (www.businesslink.gov.uk), or available from DVLA (tel. 0300 790 6109), DVLA Local Offices and VOSA Testing Stations.

Where possible try the card in a different vehicle unit (VU) to double check that the card is faulty.

If you do not return the faulty card, the DVLA will have to treat the card as lost or stolen and charge the relevant fee.

You can drive without the lost, stolen or damaged card for a maximum of 15 calendar days. You can drive for longer in order for the vehicle to return to its premises provided you produce two printouts – one for the beginning of the journey and one for the end.”

Please also be aware that despite information being supplied from some sources, VOSA do not and are not supplying letters or any form of written material stating that drivers can operate beyond the above advice without a valid driver card. “