Update: IVA Testing

There has been new updates released in regards to the DVSA IVA services.

The latest updates are:

  • the latest on inspections and appointments
  • preparing your vehicle for inspection
  • carrying out tests by video
  • how you can make sure your vehicle is safe and pass the inspection

What is the latest on applications and appointments?

England, Scotland and Wales recent COVID-19 guidance has been reviewed by the DVSA and they can continue to deliver our specialist testing services safely.

The average turn around times for complete applications is 5 days and they are returning back to normal service levels.

Appointments are currently being booked for December and the new year with 2230 carried out in September and 2041 in October.

More bookings for single examinations have been made through the DVSA’s contact centre since recently opening it back up again.

Vehicle Inspection Preparation 

The DVSA have assured us that their priority is keeping their staff and customers safe during this uncertain time.

They have given a few points to remember when preparing for your appointment.

Please read the application forms carefully. There are conditions set out in there which apply before and at the time of examination.

You must:

  • carry out the appropriate vehicle cleansing/ quarantine before attending an appointment
  • follow the relevant instructions during the examination

Applications that are incorrect or incomplete will be rejected to ensure that all correct applications can progress. If appropriate action is not taken at the time off appointment it will be refused.

Carrying out tests by video

Since trialling tests via video call earlier this year, DVSA have built on their knowledge and video testing capabilities.

This includes developing a training package and using feedback to improve the procedure.

Testing this way can help us to:

  • reduce the amount of contact between our staff and customers during the pandemic
  • reduce the number of journeys which staff and customers need to make during the pandemic
  • save time for customers, which could help to increase your productivity
  • deliver the service from other locations, freeing up appointments in our testing sites

A video test can be requested via your application. The information on your application will be what the DVSA’s final decision will be made on as to whether your test can be done via video. This includes the vehicle, build type and extent of modification. Once this decision has been made you will be informed whether you need to physically bring your vehicle in or not.

To read more about the video test please follow the link below.


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