Update from DVSA on vehicle approvals procedures


Updating our vehicle approvals procedures

Following the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales earlier this year, we have reviewed our vehicle approvals procedures.

Some of the COVID measures we brought in during the pandemic will now become standard practice when you bring a vehicle for approval. This is to help keep everyone safe and well.

We will continue to ask customers to:

Keep your vehicle clean and ventilated

Bringing your vehicle to the appointment in a clean and safe condition means we can carry out the examination.

Please continue to vent your vehicle on arrival by opening things like the doors, lockers, the glove box, boots, bonnets, windows and load areas. In addition, please also switch on any forced ventilation.

Attend your appointment alone

We’ll ask the driver to leave the vehicle during the interior examination.

You’ll be taken to a safe place away from the vehicle while the examination is carried out.

Support our colleagues

These measures help to protect our frontline colleagues and customers.

We want to thank you for your co-operation now they are part of our standard approvals procedures.