The World’s First Bio-Degradable Wheel Nut Indicators

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Switch to Bio-Degradable Wheel Nut Indicators and save the planet from over 200 tonnes of plastic waste every year

Checkpoint Wheel Nut Indicators which were already recyclable have now become bio-degradable too. Tested and verified by ASTM D5511 for enhanced bio-degradation in biologically active landfills.

The products retain the same high quality and the price remains the same, so you can enjoy the benefits of going green without paying a penny more!!!

Some of the extensive range of wheel nut indicators are available NOW in the bio-degradable version, with the vision of all the products in the range being in the newly innovated version by the end of 2021.

Please call us on 01543 897505 to find out which products are available now as a bio-degradable version.

Bio-Degradable Wheel Nut Indicators are available from Lloyd Morgan Group’s Online Shop

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Wheel Nut Indicators provide an indication of wheel nut movement on commercial vehicles. This clever solution helps ensure that every driver and fleet operator can carry out quick and easy visual checks and audits on their vehicles.

Key Product Benefits

An instant visual indicator of wheel-nut movement

Indicates possible faults with brakes or bearings through melting or distorting

Supports fleet safety checks

Cost effective and easy to implement

Fully recyclable

Now fully bio-degradable!

Checkpoint Wheel Nut Indicators from just £0.28 each


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