Sam Law, Brand & Project Manager at Lloyd Morgan Group, discusses the increasing importance of Continuing Professional Development within the bus and coach industry and how CPT Training supports this.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the ongoing learning activities of professionals to maintain and enhance their skill base and competency levels. At Lloyd Morgan Group, we believe that CPD is key to ensuring a management team and its workforce has the correct knowledge and skills to conduct their daily duties safely, efficiently, and compliantly.

Why is CPD important?

CPD not only involves upskilling that helps to keep professionals up to date with the latest transport legislation and best practice guidelines, but it is also becoming an increasingly important way for employers to stand out from competitors by making their staff the best they can be.

Furthermore, CPD can often be the answer when identifying any shortfalls or potential exposures in transport compliance issues around ensuring vehicles remain roadworthy and drivers fully understand and recognise their responsibilities, for example.

We strongly believe that there is a real link between effective training to deliver CPD and compliance, and it was this shared belief by the Confederation of Passenger Transport that led to the development of CPT Training.

CPT Training supports CPD

At Lloyd Morgan Group, we understand the passenger transport industry and recognise the importance in providing continuing professional development for the bus and coach workforce through quality training solutions. Whether it is to improve the competency of your technicians, improve the understanding of driver’s responsibilities or update key transport staff on new industry legislation, we have it all. A one stop shop.

Lloyd Morgan Group are huge advocates of ensuring companies get the right training for their individual needs and that our courses deliver the best learning outcomes. If a company is to invest in CPD, which they should, they need the confidence that it will make a real difference not only to the individual but the organisation.

CPT Training will result in a more motivated workforce working in a safer environment, provide skills to reduce any shortfalls in knowledge and help operators increase staff retention rates through investing in their workforce continuing professional development.

To find out more about CPT Training and the discounts that are available to CPT Members please visit, or or call Lloyd Morgan Group on 01543 897505.