Statement on Coronavirus COVID-19

With the increase in the threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are prioritising the safety of everyone who works with us and those who interact as contractors.

Until we are directed otherwise by Government or clients our diary of planned work will continue.

We have enforced controls for our Engineers based upon the governments information to help protect your staff and ours.

Any cancellation made within the specifics T&C’s of the booking will be upheld as chargeable, until the government makes any changes to business activity requirements, unless you have received official confirmation to self-quarantine by an authority following an outbreak at your facility or a request to safe guard your facility.

We would request that any facility that has or is being placed on self-quarantine or is believed to be going into SQ, please inform us as soon as possible.

We ask that any facilities where our staff are working are maintained to a good hygiene level.

We thank you in advance for your support.