Restrain your load from the safety of the floor

strap pole

Helping drivers to avoid working at height and remaining safe, whilst also decreasing loading times and increasing productivity and profit.

Load restraints is a live issue with the HSE and the DVSA

LMG’s load pole helps restrain loads easily whilst keeping drivers safe on the floor as there is no need to climb on the trailer decks whilst strapping loads, with this easy to use and cost effective system.

Keep your team and load safe for less than £35.00

Since the Work at Height Regulations 2005 came into force the aim has been to keep ‘feet on the ground’. The Load Pole has been designed to be used standing on the ground, avoiding the need for working platforms or ladders to help drivers stay safe and avoid personal injury. Eliminating the need for drivers to work at height and helping to stay compliant with the HSE regulations.

Along with the safety aspects. The Load Pole also reduces loading times by half and resource required to load vehicles securely. Resulting in increasing productivity and profit.

The Load Pole has several different attachment, designed for many different height related tasks around the truck. Operations such as moving straps and placing edge protectors can all now be done faster than ever, while remaining safely on the ground. It is designed to take a strap up and over a high load and drop it to the other side, making loading easier, quicker, and safer.

The pole is fully adjustable from 1.2m to 2.4m and is made from high quality fibre glass tubing. It comes with a variety of heads to choose from to assist in the safe loading of vehicles, including heads to place corner protectors onto loaded pallets and, strap forks, brushes etc.

Load Pole and all attachments are available through Lloyd Morgan Group’s Online Shop

The Benefits of the Load Pole

  • Used standing on the ground. No need for working platforms or ladders and the pole is a fraction of the cost
  • Removes any risk of falling from height and significantly reduces the risk of potential slips or trips
  • Decreases loading times by half, increasing productivity and profit
  • Helps remains compliant with HSE regulations and DVSA Enforcement Guidelines for Load Security
  • Significantly reduces liability of personal and public injury, potential reducing insurance premiums

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