Reporting Medical Conditions to the DVLA

Use GOV.UK to check which health issues affect driving

If your employees suffer from a medical condition, it could affect their driving.

The DVLA publishes a full A to Z online, so you and your employees can check which conditions need to be reported.

You’ll be directed to the relevant form or questionnaire if necessary.

In some cases, such as diabetes, there’s specific guidance for lorry, bus and coach drivers.

This covers drivers with diabetes treated by diet alone and those with insulin treated diabetes who are applying for a lorry or bus entitlement.

The form (M1V) for professional drivers to report medical conditions is available here.

It’s worth pointing out that notifiable medical conditions include those which sometimes may be ‘invisible’ at first, such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Professional drivers are considered a high-risk group when it comes to mental health.