Removal of Roadworthiness Prohibitions


ATF annual test inspections were stopped during the COVID-19 lockdown and temporary measures for prohibition removals were put in place. These are now changing.

All ‘S’ marked prohibitions that cannot be removed at the roadside will need to be inspected by DVSA at an ATF from 28 September 2020.

If the vehicle is being used with a certificate of temporary exemption or the annual test certificate is over 6 months old, the vehicle will be referred for a full removal inspection.

Once a pass result is achieved a new annual test certificate will be issued with the removal notice.

Vehicles with an annual test certificate less than 6 months old will be referred for a partial inspection, a removal notice will then be issued.

The usual process of a DVSA inspection at the ATF will apply for the removal of prohibitions issued for an annual test dangerous fail or police issued prohibitions

All other items that require removal inspections will continue to be done at the roadside or by the Remote Enforcement Office (REO).

At the time the prohibition is issued you will be given guidance on how to get it cleared. If unsatisfactory evidence is provided to the REO the vehicle may be referred for an ATF inspection.