Promoting Best Practice

Promoting Best Practice Within The Transport Sector Through First Class Audits

To Keep Your Operation Safe, Efficient, And Compliant

It is recommended with the “Guide To Maintaining Roadworthiness”, that continuous reviewing and monitoring of your systems should be in place and one of these “Best Practice” methods is a technically competent third party –  using Lloyd Morgan Group complies to this requirement.

An independent perspective on difficult operational matters can not only provide answers but also save money, increase performance, and reduce risks.

Offering practical and workable solutions, Lloyd Morgan Group unbiased consultants have a wide range of experience drawn from years of experience. They can review your current systems and procedures to highlight any areas where you have potential liabilities or exposure.

We offer the following audits to keep your operation safe, efficient and compliant:

Operator Licence Audits

Maintenance System Audits

Maintenance System Paperwork Audits

Drivers Hours & Tachograph Audits

Earned Recognition Scheme

Pre Use Gate Checks


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