Preparing for the safe roll out of longer semi-trailers on 31 May

Preparing for the safe roll out of longer semi-trailers on 31 May

Longer semi-trailers (LSTs) will be introduced to Great Britain’s roads from the end of this month.

New regulations will allow longer trailers on GB roads, which the Government estimates will save thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2(e)) being released into the atmosphere every year.

From Wednesday 31 May, vehicle operators will be able to tow LSTs measuring up to 2.05 meters longer than a standard semi-trailer.

Presenting longer semi-trailers at annual test

Some ATFs will be familiar with LSTs and how to ensure they can be tested safely because of the trial.

DVSA are asking all ATFs to review their risk assessments before accepting bookings for LSTs.

If you are operating or plan to operate LSTs and present them for annual test, they must be laden.

DVSA’s VSAs will refuse to carry out a test if there is no load. It’s crucial to test the brake performance of heavy vehicles and trailers during the annual test.

Longer semi-trailer trial

You can read a summary of the research and findings from the longer semi-trailer trial on GOV.UK.

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