Peeper Window Lens Lets Drivers See Behind the Pillar


The Fresnel Safety Lens for DVS Peeper Windows helping improve forward visibility by 30 degrees

Peeper windows in the lower front doors of truck cabs, have become increasingly popular since London’s Direct Vision Standard came into force and this Fresnel Lens can help improve getting the maximum amount of vision you can from a driver’s seat.

They will improve forward visibility by 30 degrees allowing the driver to see into the area obscured by the windscreen pillar. Proven KSI reduction from truck blind-spots and sideswipes. Fresnel Lens stops vulnerable road user accidents

Simply press-fit adhesive lens to truck window

The Fresnel Safety Lens for Nearside Windows helping with Blind Spots

The self-adhesive PCV anti-blind spot Fresnel Lens for truck nearside windows provides an extra downwards view for the driver so that at a glance they can see any vulnerable road user that might be hidden in the mirror blind spot, alongside their passenger door.

Unlike a mirror, the lens affords the driver a normal, (through the window) view of what’s close to their cab, not a reversed or inverted mirror image. That means the driver will assimilate any danger much faster and react far more quickly.

Fresnel Lenses are now accepted as a very important visual aid for HGV drivers and so organisations such as Transport for London and Crossrail insist that trucks are fitted with lenses before allowed to undertake transportation work on busy urban roads.

DVSA have conducted trials which have proven that by fitting Fresnel Lenses to vehicles, both the frequency and the severity of sideswipe accidents is reduced.

Benefits of the Fresnel Lens

  • Multi-Vehicle Use – Trucks, PSV’s, Vans, Bus, Coach, RVs, SUVs
  • Low profile (21cm x 21cm), smallest footprint lens. No window obscurity
  • The only ‘peel-back’ self-adhesive Fresnel Lens
  • Multi-positional lens fits all vehicle types (LHD & RHD)
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • Strong adhesive surround ensures the lens will not peel off when passing through the doors rubber weather seal

Whether you require a Fresnel Lens for a nearside window or a DVS Peeper window, for a Truck, Bus, Coach or Van, you can purchase this safety lens directly from Lloyd Morgan Group’s Online Shop.  

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