Office of the Traffic Commissioner – Company learns that trust is critical to operator licensing

Traffic Commissioner revokes licence of operator who was deliberately deceptive during investigations

Holding an operator’s licence is a mark of your commitment to compliance, safety and fair competition.

Although most operators, like you, take your licence promises seriously and understand the benefits of running compliantly, a few unscrupulous operators break the rules. And they find themselves at the mercy of their local traffic commissioner.

Like the company which lied to both DVSA and the West Midlands Traffic Commissioner, Nick Denton.

The firm’s director was stopped in a company vehicle at the roadside and given a 24 hour prohibition notice for failing to use a tachograph card. Before the traffic examiner had chance to immobilise the vehicle, he’d driven away. The director was also the named transport manager on the licence.

Fabricated story

To cover up his non-compliance, the director fabricated a story that he’d been doing work for a friend for free, which he defended for months.

A customer was even asked by the operator to sign a letter “as a favour”, pretending to be the friend who the firm was helping out.

However, during an interview with that customer at a later date, invoices were provided for paid operations carried out on the day in question and the director’s earlier statement was retracted.

Revocation and disqualification

Mr Denton revoked the company’s licence, disqualified the operator and director for three years and made the same order for the transport manager.

The Traffic Commissioner said the director’s deception betrayed the trust which the licensing system is based on. Lying to DVSA officials and/or traffic commissioners isn’t acceptable.

No need to be in this situation when you have a robust compliance system in place.

regular audits and vehicle inspections from a trusted third party supplier such as Lloyd Morgan Group can help you avoid these kind of situations and the stresses they bring on your business.

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