Milestone reached for digital operator licence services

DVSA’s VOL now delivers all major licence transactions online

In 2016, the traffic commissioners set a target for operators to be able to complete all major licence transactions digitally by April this year.

Before VOL, you could only make vehicle changes and apply for licence variations online.

Now, with the introduction of digital surrenders, it’s possible to do every major licence transaction – from start to finish – through GOV.UK.

Like every other VOL processes, the necessary checks and balances have been built in with digital surrenders.

Our digital journey

It’s been a huge journey for the VOL team to get to this point.

Supported by DVSA Digital Services & Technology, they’ve worked incredibly hard to make sure you can apply for, change, manage and ask to give up your operator’s licence, without any paperwork at all.

And from the feedback on VOL, it’s clear that you’re really happy with the service they’ve built.

Obviously the work doesn’t stop there.

Our dedicated team continues to make sure VOL runs properly. They’re also taking time to understand your businesses and what you need from the service, through regular user research.

That’s one of the ways we decide what other improvements we can make and how to give you an even better experience.