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hgv wheels

Digital tachograph vehicle and driver download devices and tachograph rolls are just some of the essential products that are required to keep vehicles moving and compliant.

Lloyd Morgan Group have just dispatch over 100 download devices and SD memory cards plus 500 boxes of tachograph rolls to ensure our customer can do just that and keep their vehicles on the road and compliant!

Our customer runs a busy and expanding Third-Party Logistics business and needed us to provide a fast and efficient service to help them meet the urgent demand and challenge of ensuring their vehicles were equipped with what they needed.

We can’t help with the skills shortage in our logistics industry, but we can help ensure our customers have the products, when they need them, to ensure they continue to run an efficient and safe fleet.

Don’t let your wheels stop rolling and order your essential transport products form us today

We think you will be surprised at our range, prices, and friendly customer service!!!

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Tachograph Rolls

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Digital Tachograph Vehicle & Driver Download Device