Hauling Changes – Transporting goods between UK and EU


Changes February 2022

Next year new rules will apply to business operating good vehicles and UK individuals in and between EU countries. This includes light good vehicles, E.G Vans on certain loaded international journeys.

From February information about the driver, operator, job, vehicle used and the route taken will have to be shared via the EU’s Internal Market Information System.

Changes From May 2022 

Any goods vehicles weighing between 2.5 – 3.5 tonnes, either alone or wth a trailer that travel abroad on commercial journeys will need to hold a Standard International Operator Licence.


  • have a transport manager working in the business
  • provide information about the company’s financial situation and operating base in the UK
  • demonstrate that your vehicles are well maintained
  • pay £658 to apply for and be issued the licence
  • pay £401 every 5 years to keep your licence

Failing to abide by the new regulations could result in fine and other disciplinary measures in the European Union.