Hauliers Crossing the Boarder through Kent

New traffic flow measures will come into place from the end of the EU transition period to manage congestion on Kent’s road network.

HGVs over 7.5 tonnes will be affected by the new measures, which are known as Operation Brock, if there is severe disruption to services across the English Channel.

When travelling to Port of Dover and Eurotunnel it is a legal requirement for HGVs to follow the signed routes when directed to do so.

There are designated holding areas which you may be required to wait in along with signs, diversions and speed restrictions which will be in place to help you get there.

Click here for more information on Operation Brock.

When planning your journey it is important to set aside time for breaks and rest periods before entering Kent to reduce the risk of you exceeding drivers’ hours limits if delayed by being held in any queues.

You should also make yourself familiar with locations that you can take a break en route in case you do get delayed and risk exceeding your hours. You should also ensure that you carry plenty or water and food with you.

Is my HGV ready to cross the boarder?

You will need to use the Check an HGV service to:

  • get a Kent Access Permit – even if your vehicle is empty and you intend to cross the border
  • check you have the right EU import and commodities documents for the goods you are carrying.

If you do not use this service or the declaration you provide is fraudulent you can be fined £300.

Travelling or domestic journeys made by hauliers will not require a Kent Access Permit.