Free Rolling Tyres: change to the annual test – 1 April

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Free Rolling Tyres: change to the annual test – 1 April

DVSA have previously told you that from 1 April 2023, free rolling tyres (FRTs) fitted to front steering axles will be treated as a major deficiency at annual test.

This means such vehicles and trailers will fail the annual test.

Free Rolling Tyres

A tyre marked with the term ‘FRT’ on the side wall stands for Free Rolling Tyre.

This marking means the tyre is designed for use on axles of a motor vehicle and trailer axles, other than front steering and drive axles.

Currently, vehicles and trailers which are fitted with FRTs on drive axles are categorised as a major item at annual test and will result in a failure.

Prepare for the change

DVSA have updated the HGV and PSV inspection manuals to reflect the change for FRTs on front steering axles.

Tyre checks should be part of a driver’s daily walkaround checks – as well as the regular management controls that operators need to have in place. You can read DVSA’s latest blog post on good tyre management.

Vehicles which are being used for a driving test must be compliant. DVSA will refuse to carry out a test if vehicles are not in a roadworthy condition.

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