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Traffic commissioners say DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme is “ground breaking” for compliance

As specialist regulators, traffic commissioners promote compliance and fair competition, which supports a safe road transport industry.

Working with enforcement agencies to target dangerous operators and drivers allows commissioners to remove them from the licensing regime. Crucially, this minimises the burden on operators who get things right – like you.

In their latest annual report, the traffic commissioners reflect on DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme. As you know, it’s a new way for lorry, bus and coach operators to prove they meet compliance standards.

Those in the scheme are less likely to be stopped for roadside checks. This frees up DVSA examiners to target the most high-risk operators.

The benefits for licence holders include being on a list of DVSA approved operators and having the earned recognition marque to use on your websites, stationery, emails and publications.

In their annual report, the commissioners congratulate far-sighted operators who supported the pilot.

If you’re not part of the scheme already, it’s an excellent way of gaining official recognition for your commitment to safe and compliant operations.

It may help when you’re looking to win new contracts too. The commissioners say Earned Recognition membership will show firm evidence of your higher level of compliance.

One operator said:

“It demonstrates to our clients, suppliers and competitors that we’re fully committed to improving our vehicle and driver standards by working closely with DVSA on this scheme.

“Being recognised as an approved operator and founder member is something we’re proud of.”

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