Driver’s “hot-headed” conduct increased risks to other road users

Actions made it more difficult for DVSA to carry out its enforcement activities

A driver who drove erratically after being told to stop by DVSA acted in a “wholly disproportionate” manner and increased the risks to other road users through his behaviour.

Simon Evans, the North West Traffic Commissioner, heard the driver closed the gap between vehicles at speed on more than one occasion – only stopping inches from the rear bumper of the DVSA vehicle.

This “hot-headed conduct” had made the agency’s job of checking vehicles at the roadside more difficult.

Mr Evans was also told the driver had sworn at the enforcement officer and that his actions had been intimidating.

The driver – who was the operator of the vehicle as well – admitted he’d acted “stupidly” and said he regretted losing control on the day of the encounter.

Mr Evans said the “wholly improper” behaviour would reduce the operator’s credibility with other staff in his employment.

Stretched maintenance inspections and issues over the entity running the vehicles were also picked up during a public inquiry.

As a result, the Traffic Commissioner made an order to revoke the operator’s licence. He also found the requirements of fitness and availability of financial resources were not met.

DVSA has made clear that it won’t tolerate physical or verbal abuse of its staff. Traffic commissioners support the agency’s campaign to tackle any unacceptable behaviour DVSA staff may face when carrying out their professional duties.

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