Diesel Flammable Substance Level Upgrade

Here is an extract from a recent Transport Engineer Article regarding the upgrade of Diesel to a flammable substance.

we thought we would share this and the original source location for further information.



Recent changes in legislation have raised the threshold of materials considered to be flammable to those having a flash point of up to 60°C.

By raising the bar by five degrees, that designation now applies to diesel fuel, reports fuel storage system supplier Merridale.

This means that diesel is now covered by the Dangerous Substances and Explosives Atmospheres Regulations (https://is.gd/ibakig). Fleet operators with depot fuelling will need to carry out a risk assessment for explosion hazards, using the principles of hazard area classification (basically, they are organised by explosion risk). The site owner/operator must ensure that an explosion protection document is drawn up and kept up to date.

In particular, the standards require that electrical equipment in zones deemed to be hazardous must be suitably rated and certified. The basic protection methodology is set out in BS EN 1127.


Original Source Credits / Article: Transport Engineer.