COVID 19 – Are you prepared to go back to Work?

With the likelihood of further restrictions being eased to allow more people back to work you must ensure you have the relevant precautions in place.

Part of those precautions may be PPE and sanitation products.

Lloyd Morgan Group have limited supplies of the following, which have been very popular with Key worker customers already.

Hand Sanitiser

Available in 60ml, 500ml & now 1ltr. 75% alcohol percentage – Gel


Soft and comfortable single use only, flexible fit – Please note we also have washable options in this style of mask

Face Protection

Visors and goggles available.

Visors are available in the option to connect direct to a hard hat or the stand alone option which comes with its own head band.


Hand Protection

Nitrile, PVC & PU Gloves available


Surface and Hand Wipes

These hand anti bacteria wipes are also brilliant at removing grease and grime from hands and surfaces a very popular item before and during the crisis

Please remember these are key items and the demand is high with the UK stock being limited.

Contact us direct at EMAIL or 07966338396

Whether your planning to get back to work or your already there – stay safe – be protected.

**images are for promo use only and may not resemble the actual product being sold


We will be launching further new products over the coming weeks such as Traffic film Remover and Screen Wash available in most volume options up to 1000Ltr IBC’s