Correctly Identifying Vehicle Defects – 2 Day Online Course

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Ensure your staff are correctly identifying vehicle defects

Ensuring vehicle defects are correctly identified and assessed within the maintenance process is about ensuring your staff who are responsible for preventative maintenance safety inspections (PMI) have the right skills and knowledge to make informed decisions on vehicle downtime and availability to reduce the risk on non-compliance.

Roadworthiness & Categorisation of Defects Awareness Course

A two-day online course aimed at providing the skills and knowledge to equip technicians, workshop managers and engineers to correctly assess and make more informed decisions on vehicle defects. The course is suitable for anyone in the HGV or PSV industry, who is actively responsible for preventative maintenance safety inspections (PMI) or annual test preparation.

The course is based upon the DVSA Categorisation of Defects Manual and is suitable

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Benefits of the course include

  • Understanding of DVSA’s Inspection standards to ensure compliance
  • Increased knowledge of skills required to correctly assess vehicle defects which will allow staff to make informed decisions on vehicle downtime and availability to lessen the risk on non-compliance
  • Peace of mind in the roadworthiness of your vehicles through a more skilled workforce which safeguards public safety but also demonstrates effective risk management.
  • Knowing your staff are correctly identifying any defects and making the right recommendations regarding a repair or not, helping save your business time and money

Working through the manual the candidate will obtain an understanding of:

  • Brief overview of operator licensing
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and enforcement
  • Understanding Prohibitions
  • Categorisation of defects – immediate, delayed and inspection notice defects
  • Decision making on vehicle serviceability
  • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
  • Fix Graduated Penalties
  • The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

There is also a practical element to this course


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