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“It is recommended with the Guide To Maintaining Roadworthiness, that continuous reviewing and monitoring of your systems should be in place and one of these “Best Practice” methods is a technically competent third party of which Lloyd Morgan Group complies to this requirement.

Lloyd Morgan Group audits provide you with impartial examination and assessment from industry experts. Delivered by a team that is certified to an ISO9001 quality management system standard and recognised by DVSA as an authorised Earned Recognition audit provider. Our first-class independent audits help you to stay compliant, efficient, and safe.

Our system audit templates are based upon legal requirements and “Best Practice” allowing you to review and assess areas that you may wish to address within your maintenance operation.

Why undertake a compliance audit?
You may consider yourself to be on top of your game but until your systems are pressure checked (i.e a DVSA Audit) you never truly know.
Whether you operate 1 vehicle or 15,000 vehicles, compliance is essential for both your business operation and its reputation.
Our unbiased audit team with a wealth of industry knowledge can review your current systems / procedures and provide workable client-led solutions to highlight any areas where you have potential liabilities or exposure.

Audits we can offer include:

Maintenance System Audit

Maintenance System Paperwork Audit

Operator Licence Audit

Drivers Hours and Tachograph Audit

Earned Recognition Scheme Audit

Driver Pre Use “Gate Checks”

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Did you know we can also provide?

Wheel Nut Indicators – to help with nut movement

Checkthread Kits – to facilitate monitoring of wheel stud quality and stud hole integrity

Fresnel Lens – to aid with vehicle blind spots

Safety Steering Wheel Covers – to prevent accidents whilst vehicles undergo repair

Load Restraint Pole & Accessories – to help with working at height

Vehicle Height Measuring Pole – to assist with variable loads and avoid bridge strikes


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