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Vehicle Check & Defect Report Books for drivers to report and record vehicle checks. From only £2.50 per book

Lloyd Morgan Group’s books include all items listed in DVSA’s latest Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and many items recommended by Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) – HGV Version only

It is essential that your drivers carry out a daily walk around check of their vehicle and report and record any defects that are found.

Driver vehicle checks are an essential part of your O licence obligations to ensure your vehicles are roadworthy. Failure to spot vehicle defects could impact on your Operator Licence Risk Score (OCRS) and result in a driver receiving a Graduated Fixed Penalty.

These books provide you with an effective means of evidencing that your vehicles are thoroughly checked by your drivers daily.

HGV Defect Pad

Vehicle Check & Defect Report Book – HGV

From £2.50 each Exc. VAT

Vehicle Check & Defect Book

Vehicle Check & Defect Report Book – PSV

From £2.50 each Exc. VAT

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Want to go paperless?

Lloyd Morgan Group can provide a Driver Walk Around App as part of our Fleet and Driver Software.

Looking for Driver Walk Around Training?

Lloyd Morgan Group can provide a useful and practical half day training course for your drivers to help them identify defects, understand how and why to report defects and get them to recognise the implications on a companies O licence if driver vehicle checks are not carried our correctly.

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Whether you use vehicle check & defect report books or prefer your drivers to use a Walk Around App or have a need to train your drivers about the importance of vehicle checks – We have it all covered