Avoiding Bridge Strikes

A legal requirement for operators is to ensure that they have systems in places to avoid and prevent bridge strike occurring. Bridge strikes can cause serious delays to road users and to rail services. Injuries and even death can occur where buses are involved.

After one large operator was involved in a bridge strike they decided to take action. They ensured all transport managers, drivers and planners were put through fresh training. A second bridge strike occurred so they decided to take further action and they commissioned a transport management solutions provider to develop a bespoke system that incorporates route planning to prevent bridge strikes.

The software along with other things, provides routes that avoid any low bridges after calculating the risk based on the vehicle and trailer that is being used. The Traffic Commissioner does expect that operators put a system like this in place.

Traffic Commissioners annual report

Here’s what the traffic commissioners annual report says about the approach the commissioners will take to bridge strikes:

“Traffic commissioners address these incidents in the same way as any other serious incident, on a case by case basis. As commissioners have repeatedly made clear, regulatory action hangs over those operators who fail to take appropriate action.

“We understand that there can be issues with signage itself and road surface repairs impacting accuracy. However, the commercial vehicle industry has overcome far more complex matters and we are pleased that the trade associations are engaged with Network Rail on this.”

With the average number of bridge strikes being five per day it is important to gain knowledge on how to avoid and prevent it happening to you. Here at Lloyd Morgan Group we provide both onsite and online Understanding and Preventing Bridge Strikes training courses. We are one of the more competitive providers of this and other courses, so if you have an interest in this or any other service provided by LMG, please don’t hesitate to contact us to explore what we can offer you.