Are you Maintenance Contractors Competent?

In a recent Publication from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, TC Kevin Rooney Talks about the consequences of having a poor maintenance contractor.

In brief:

Are your contractors Competent, Effective & Accountable to keep your vehicles roadworthy?

Contractors provide a critical service to your business.

What can you do?

Follow the guide to maintaining roadworthiness recommendations; (Access the latest version here)

For example;

Ensure they have roller brake test equipment

Their staff have the qualification to undertake your work, such as IRTEC Licencing (Press here for Information)

They have up to date access to information such as the Inspection Manual (Access the latest version here PSV / HGV)

Paperwork is completed correctly, repairs are completed proactively and paperwork is returned to you in a timely manner to ensure you remain complaint.

To read more information on staying compliant (Press Here)