A Bridge Too Far- Operator Licence Curtailed for Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner recently issued another circular regarding bridge strikes. They highlighted a recent public inquiry in St Helens, where the driver’s licence was revoked, and the operator found their licence permanently curtailed.

Bridge strike training is now becoming a key focus point of operator’s driver training programs for bridge strike offences.

Lloyd Morgan Group have developed a half day online training course aimed at highlighting the potential issues, dangers, and unforeseen hazards regarding bridge strikes. It offers advice on how to manage these issues to reduce the likelihood of the next bridge strike.

Due to the serious nature of bridge strikes on National Rail, other road users as well as the driver and operator involved, Lloyd Morgan Group are taking this training seriously. We don’t believe operators should be giving it lip service, with a quick hour of driver training but rather be investing in educating their drivers fully on a half day course.

Pete Thompson, Managing Director said “our half day online course is helping the industry to understand and prevent bridge strikes. Our course has already proven to meet the needs of the traffic commissioner’s office when presented as evidence of training within operators who have been called to public inquiry”.  Pete went on to say, “Operators already schedule in driver’s hours, vehicle safety, walk around checks training to their driver training program, maybe it is time they added bridge strike training to the list too”.

Here is what one of our customers said

An excellent online training course, providing some extremely valuable knowledge and insights on the understanding and prevention of bridge strikes. It was well-designed, practical, and provided us with valuable resources to help us incorporate this important subject matter into our training program. Thank You

Lance Monkman – Logistics Training Manger

Greggs PLC

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner stated that “the number of bridge strikes in the UK remains alarmingly high. In 2020/21 there were 1,624 incidents on the Network Rail infrastructure alone.” They circular also said, “The traffic commissioners expect operators and drivers to treat this issue seriously and take responsibility”.

Driver training is just one of the ways in which an operator can demonstrate ‘taking responsibility’ to help prevent bridge strikes.


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