Driver Walk Around App / Software

We are proud to offer a complete high-quality Walk Around compliance solution which covers absolutely all aspects of vehicle checking and reporting so that lorries can be as safe as possible whilst on the roads.


Our Walk Around compliance solutions services ensure Walk Around compliance is being followed, allow businesses to avoid expensive business disruptions, eliminate time consuming paper trails, and provide companies and drivers alike with confidence in vehicle safety.

They enable you to ensure that your vehicles are compliant with all UK and EU government legislation, whilst helping you to avoid any failed roadside checks, fixed penalties, potential prosecutions, and loss of Operator’s Licenses.


Our Walk Around compliance solution provides an easy-to-use app for drivers to use that works on all iOS and Android devices. It has a comprehensive dashboard that allows drivers to complete daily checks to ensure that their vehicles are following the law.

This allows for any defects to be noted efficiently so that these can be addressed in the shortest possible time frames.

Full Integration with our other Software Solutions packages

This software is an authorised software for Earned Recognition Operators or those whishing to apply.

Expert Support

In addition to this anyone using our Walk Around compliance solution or any of our other systems and services receives full support from our expert team.

Here at Lloyd Morgan Group we are one of the largest Independent Transport Compliance Service Providers in the UK and are therefore able to fully support our clients with every single aspect of Walk Around compliance to the highest standard.

If you would like to learn more about our services or have any questions, we are only a phone call away, and you can call us on 01543 897 505.